Diverse Career Pathways You Can Take with a Bachelor of Marketing  

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Diverse Career Pathways You Can Take with a Bachelor of Marketing  

Attaining a marketing degree can open doors to multiple different careers that allow you to utilise your own personal strengths and skills. The increasing need for businesses to reach out to potential consumers and appeal to them through various marketing channel makes a marketing degree a valuable asset. Through this blog, we’ll explore some of the career options for a Bachelor of Marketing graduate, what each role consists of and what they require.  

1. Marketing Assistant 

Average salary: $55,000 – $65,000 

Key responsibilities: Marketing assistant is a versatile role that requires overarching knowledge about various marketing principles and being fluent in the fundamental marketing skills. This role is usually a marketing director’s right-hand, someone to carry out a range of tasks depending on what is demanded of them. Although the key duties for a marketing assistant are unlikely to be the same day-to-day, they gain valuable experience from learning and carrying out a variety of tasks and can develop a rich skills profile.  

2. Social Media Manager 

Average Salary: $75,000 – $95,000 

Key responsibilities: A social media manager’s main responsibility is overlooking the entire online presence of an organisation or a brand. They come up with strategies to appeal to the targeted audience through multiple social media channels. The common goals for managers in this position are to increase brand visibility, audience engagement and bring in sales for the business.  

3. Copywriter 

Average Salary: $65,000 – $85,000 

Key responsibilities: Copywriters produce written copy for a business for various uses, such as advertisement, digital content and printing. They make sure that the produced copy is professional, appropriate and fitting for its purpose, and delivers all the key information required. Individuals in this role are expected to have perfect grammar, an eye for details and the ability to effectively communicate. Copywriters can work independently or within an organisation or agency.  

4. Market Research Analyst 

Average Salary: $100,000 – $120,000 

Key responsibilities: Market research is an important step for companies to gain insights to consumers’ demand and the market that they operate in. Market researchers are hired to collect and analyse data according to their client’s requirements and present the data with conclusions on what it suggests. These individuals work scientifically with a critical mind for data analysis and coming up with the appropriate methods of data collection.  

5. Event Manager 

Average Salary: $75,000 – $95,000 

Key responsibilities: Event managers plan and deliver events on various scales for a business for promotional purposes. They determine the most suitable settings, arrangements and resources for an event, and ensure that the turn up meets the initial expectations. Their background marketing knowledge will come in use as they have will have to define their target audience and determine how to market the event’s purpose effectively.  

Obtaining a marketing degree is a crucial step that can enable access to multiple job opportunities. The Bachelor of Marketing at EIA is an extensive program that equip students with the range of skills they need to thrive in the field. Our curriculum not only lays down the foundation for marketing concepts, but also encourages students to explore and experience a variety of tasks to discover their forte and how they can add value to the workforce. We also offer Digital Marketing as a minor. Enquire now or contact us via your agent.  

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