Student Support

We tailor our support for learners from diverse backgrounds and those with special needs. We also treat you as an adult learner which means helping you to own your strengths and weaknesses and to develop your own improvement strategies, including learning when and how to ask for assistance. The covid-19 pandemic continues to have significant impacts on student life. The sudden pivot to online learning from home with some assessment changes deeply affects motivation, learning capacity and stress levels. We have made many changes to our services to constantly cope with the disruptions. 

How We Can Help

At EIA, there are many supports available to you and you are always encouraged to use them.

Orientation and Transition Support

Orientation activities for new and continuing students is a great way to learn about everything you need to know about your course and it’s requirements. For information about student orientation, please contact or click here to view the EIA Orientation Program.

Academic and Learning Support 

The Academic supports help you manage specific problems, develop study habits and techniques that work and grow in confidence. Your first contact is our Academic Learning Support Office at Your teachers will also assist you access support and will often suggest specific supports that you will benefit from. You are encouraged to request assistance early in the semester. We offer a series of academic skills classes and workshops and self-study modules to assist students develop key academic and professional skills. The diverse topics may include: