Campus & Facilities

EIA always puts students at the centre of operations. From day one we provide a comprehensive range of student services that assist your professional and personal growth. From making new friends to personal and academic support, study skills, language, and career preparation we focus on ensuring that you reach your potential. Being familiar with EIA’s campus and facilities, academic policies and procedures, and your rights and obligations, will assist you greatly. These form the framework for your course and student life, assisting you achieve excellence and understand the standards you are expected to reach. Click here to find these resources.

Campus &

Located in a dedicated building in the Melbourne CBD, close to public transport from any part of Greater Melbourne, the EIA campus provides a cutting-edge experience. Carefully designed learning spaces – classrooms, computer labs, library, break-out rooms – facilitate learning and communication. The campus also features fast wifi, pantry and social space.





Personalised learning
Whether you are beginning, changing, or advancing your study, we offer the ultimate support and flexible learning approach for your personal journey.
Great value
We offer multiple pathways to quality employment through practical curriculum, career coaching, scholarships, industry connections to incubate your ideas and foster a spirit of innovation.

Unbeatable location

Our campus is in the centre of Melbourne, awarded seven years running one of the most liveable cities in the world. Melbourne’s inner-city atmosphere is fuelled by a creative culturally diverse community that will make you feel secure and welcome together with learning experiences both on and off campus.