Adjusting to Life and Study in Australia: Student Support Resources for International Student

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Embarking on an academic journey in a foreign country is never easy and can usually get overwhelming. With the understanding of what international students need within this crucial transitioning period, a resourceful student support system in Australia is set to help students go through this period with more ease. Through this blog, let’s find out the different support services a student can seek help from, and some student-centred organisations in Melbourne.  

Internal student support services 

Every college or university usually has their own system of student support, and here are some of the most common services that are available.  

General support 

Whether you are having questions about your academic schedule or trying to navigate around, you can always look for student services officer in your school, university or college. They will try their best to help you with the general questions that relate to life or study here in Australia, and if they cannot, they will refer you to the right people who can. 

Academic support 

If you find yourself struggling with an assignment or a piece of knowledge in class, you can seek for help from academic support staff. They will usually be individuals with vast experience within the field or subject that you are studying, or extensive knowledge about the academic skills that can help you thrive in your learning journey. It is encouraged for students to take the initiative to fill in the knowledge gaps and make the most use out of available resources.  

Mental support 

In Australia, we value mental health wellbeing and especially look after the mental health of international students who are in a vulnerable state having to adjust to a completely new environment. For this reason, counselling services are always within reach for students when they come across mental health struggles from being away from home, trying to find new friends, or dealing with the overwhelmingness of moving abroad.  

External student support resources 

Alongside support coming from your college or university, it is always useful to be mindful of where you can seek help externally. Below are some of the useful resources for students during their time studying in Melbourne: 

Study Melbourne 

Study Melbourne is the biggest online international student community in Australia, initiated by Victorian Government. The organisation provides help and guidance for students regarding an extensive range of topics – from life navigation in Melbourne including transportation and accommodation, to free networking events and assistance with job-seeking.  

The Couch International Student Centre 

As an international student, it can feel hard to make friends or feel like you belong to a community. The Couch International Student Centre, initiated by City of Melbourne and the Salvation Army Melbourne Project 614, is a safe space for students to make friends and exchange cultures, stories and laughs. Free meals are also provided at the centre. 

ASEAN-Australia Strategic Youth Partnership (AASYP) 

AASYP is a platform for ASEAN and Australia youth to have a voice on complex problems of the region that need to be addressed together. Becoming part of the AASYP, you have the chance to build your knowledge, engage in current prevalent issues and meet other inspired young individuals. 

What’s on Melbourne 

What’s on Melbourne is one of the most established online platforms for consolidating exciting events happening around Melbourne, which can come extremely useful if you are new to the city and don’t know where to start exploring. You can find a wide variety of events on the What’s on Melbourne site ranging from foodie fairs and artists’ markets to cultural gatherings and informational events.  

Beyond Blue 

Beyond Blue is one of Australia’s most trusted mental health organisation. They provide information on how to achieve a balanced state of mind and mental wellbeing, which is crucial to international students who are balancing studying and navigating a new life.  

Support at EIA 

As an education provider, we believe that a concrete support system is crucial to helping international students overcome the challenges of studying abroad and facilitating them to thrive in their academic journey. Our core team of support spans from student service officers who help students with any general enquiry they may have, to experienced learning advisors who assist students with their studies with academic support sessions.  

Do you want to start your journey where you can find support every step of the way? Enquire now or contact us via your agent.  

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