Our Key Staff
Professor John Hall

Executive Dean

With more than 20 years’ experience as an academic, John has provided leadership in a variety of administrative roles, including being a Professor, Dean, Head of Department, Campus Head, and Director of a research centre, along with an extensive record of teaching, research and publication. John’s expertise is in the field of Marketing where he had some 250 outputs relating to marketing theory and practice, which include 75 journal articles, 160 conference papers, 15 books and 25 chapters and case studies. John’s research has had a substantial impact with an h-index of 29 and over 14,000 citations. His main research interests are in consumer behaviour and branding with a focus on leisure, tourism, hospitality, marketing education and social marketing. His research and teaching has been recognized for its excellence in the attainment of a number of awards, including seven best papers in track at well recognized conferences. John’s expertise is also in applied research with over 90 research projects undertaken with local, state and federal governments as well as small, medium and large business organizations, including two ARC linkage grants. John is an experienced, hardworking and enthusiastic academic who delivers strong, collaborative and supportive leadership leading to quality teaching and research and positive administrative outcomes.
Dr Siding Luo
Executive Manager of Partnership

Siding received my PhD degree in Applied Math 7 years ago in Scotchland. With years’ work experience in partnership and transnational education, she is thrilled to join in EIA and grow with it. Her team partners with other institutions to provide rich learning experience and community engagement for EIA students in Australia and overseas.

“After 9 years living in European cities, I still found myself easily to indulge in the city of Melbourne. My favourite part of working in our CBD campus, is to grab a coffee in the wide tree lined Queen Street during break in a busy working day, talks with our students and partners, to identify, understand and articulate their needs. I wish all our international students will fall in love with Melbourne and EIA, and keep enhancing your global mindset& employability, exploring infinite opportunities in EIA.”

Associate Professor Peter Vitartas
Course Coordinator

Peter is the course coordinator for the Bachelor of Marketing. He has seen many changes in marketing since undertook his studies and worked in product and marketing management in Sydney prior to becoming an academic. He is now discovering and sharing new insights with students into consumer behaviour and marketing based on data generated through digital marketing and social media in his teaching and course work. When not teaching and researching, Peter is undertaking walking treks, gardening or in the outdoors. He also loves to cook and bake a loaf of sourdough each week!

“University is all about meeting others and making discoveries you didn’t know before – I trust you will make the most of your new experiences and enjoy your time with EIA.”

Mr. Rhys Williams
Executive Manager of International Engagement
Rhys is an international education expert, specialising in transnational education. He has worked at Victoria and RMIT Universities, in the private sector, and across all levels of tertiary education. Rhys has designed and implemented innovative, award-winning transnational education partnerships in many countries and has managed Australian offshore campuses in Singapore and India. Rhys is energised by creating cross-border education opportunities to enhance students’ employability.