Games Business and Entrepreneurship Course

"Creativity is NOT enough"
We celebrate the power of creativity and technical excellence,
and their relisation within business.

Elevate Your Gaming Passion into a Profitable Business!

Are you passionate about gaming and eager to turn that passion into a thriving business? Our Game Business and Entrepreneurship course is your gateway to success. This unique program blends your gaming expertise with essential business skills, and it shows you how to develop and market your own games, manage finances, and navigate industry trends. By combining game design knowledge with entrepreneurial strategies, you will be equipped to launch your own gaming startup or excel in leadership roles within the industry.

Learning Objectives

Why Choose EIA’s Game Business and Entrepreneurship Course?

The fast pace and growth of the games industry require business acumen, now more than ever. While most game courses available on the market concentrate solely on technical aspects of game development, the Game Business and Entrepreneurial program at EIA takes a step further. We aim to equip game developers with the key commercial knowledge and skills to leverage your passion for game development into successful business ventures.  

Course Outline

Week 1: Verify your creative idea as a games business concept

  • Using data research platforms to validate the business potential of a creative idea
  • How to define and measure a success
  • Introduction to the game development business and the games industry
  • Introduction to the games industry landscape
  • Opportunities and challenges in the games industry

Week 2: Kickstarting your games business journey

  • Understand resource requirements and planning for a new company startup
  • Document and register all required resources
  • Business planning and proposal
  • Estimate, budget and plan cash flow, as well as risk management
  • Intellectual property rights in the games Industry and how to protect your game ideas and assets

Week 3: Funding your game projects

  • Bootstrapping vs. external funding
  • Crowdfunding and venture capital
  • Cash flow and budget
  • Exploring, investigating, and selecting suitable type of funding
  • Planning and documenting finances after funding

Week 4: How to market your games

  • Identifying your target audience
  • Preparing marketing content
  • Promoting your game through various channels
  • Engaging and promoting game projects

Week 5: How to launch your game and how to pitch

  • Understand different major game distribution platforms
  • Compliance and certification requirements for various platforms
  • Pricing strategy and regional pricing considerations
  • Post-launch updates and content delivery
  • How to pitch to investor and / or publisher

Week 6: Present business proposal and seek feedback 

Duration and Delivery Mode

Our comprehensive Game Business and Entrepreneurship program spans over 6 weeks, with 3 hours each week. It is delivered on EIA campus in Melbourne CBD  

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