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The EIA Library is designed to provide a learning environment that enables and supports teachers’ and students’ teaching, learning and research needs. A range of relevant resources in a variety of formats are provided to support the successful completion of all the Edvantage Institute Australia courses.


The general collection contains all the required textbooks, along with additional references that are recommended for each course taught at EIA. An Academic and Career support collection is included to empower students to succeed both at EIA and afterwards in their respective careers. Support materials for the international students’ study of the English language are also provided. Course relevant magazines and daily newspapers are provided to ensure that students’ and teachers’ knowledge is current regarding their field of study and international events.

The Library collection includes items in the Course Reserve section with a Short Loan of 3 Days to ensure that the core texts are always available. There are also items within the collection with a Short Loan of 3 and 7 days, so that key texts are available to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to use the texts.

The main collection, including fiction and non-fiction, is available for a three-week loan with three renewals.


If you are experiencing difficulty, or wish to discuss or appeal a fee, or require assistance with renewing or reserving an item, please contact the Library via one of these methods below:

In person: Level 1, 338 Queens Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

Communications: All communications from the Library to you will be via the email address you have provided to the Library or student services. If you are not receiving emails, when you think that you should, please check that we have your current and most used email address.


The EIA Library is open 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

If you need a library outside these hours, please use the State Library Victoria on the corner of Swanston and La Trobe Street.

They are open 10am – 9pm Monday to Thursday and 10am – 6pm Friday – Sunday.

Also, the Melbourne City Library at 253 Flinders Lane, Melbourne is open 8am – 8pm Monday to Thursday, 8am – 6pm on Friday and 10am – 5pm Saturday and 12 – 5pm Sunday.

Any variation to these open hours will be announced on EIA Library webpage http://eia.edu.au.


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Please see the Frequently Asked Questions answers below. If you have a question you would like answered, please email Library@eia.edu.au


To learn how to use the EIA Library, please see the EIA Library Guidelines information below.